Ruthrakali Amman Temple



The occupants of your sign are Lords Venus, Mercury, Mars and Moon. They form a fortunate time for you. You have to show your skill and merit now. The combination of planets will help you to achieve your target. Yet the kala sarpha dosha will make a delay. Lord Jupiter governs your profession. You can manage the situations.

Women and children at home: Will be satisfactorily doing their own duties. They will feel happy in getting their needs. Their maintenance of domestic matters is delayed a little but will get the things as they desire.

Students: Are doing the time of experiments. They are going to understand more and more in their studies. Lord Saturn even though looks the sign of education, the kanya sign is fortified with lord mercury. Students are in their way of success only.

Business people and professionals: Need not fear for their status in kala sarpha dosha. The 10th sign lord is in exalted position. Lords Venus and Mercury, specifically develop the good future.

Lovers: Their trend in this month is still in a lacking position. Lord Venus is with Lord Mars and that the confusion is not gone between the lovers. It is essential and a clear atmosphere should come for correct conclusion.

Married persons and spouses: Are getting some new experience and will be enjoying good times shortly. A fortune is awaiting and the present gloomy atmosphere will vanish shortly. The dates, which are not favorable, will be 18th and 19th.


A challenging times and crucial moments will be in charge of you. Lords Kethu and Raaghu occupy 4th and 10th houses. A feeling of tensions with over load of activities. To bring the matters for a suitable stage, you will be facing more and more debacles. The reason is related to the planetary position. They are occupying in the 11th and 12th sign. New project and plan, you have to postpone. When the helpless situations are seen, you have to slow down your interests and prepare them at the proper times.

Women and children at home: Will be under restrictions. No easy moments will prevail. A kind of life with control. This will expose a scene of freedom less situations. Any way few occasions will come and equalize the gloomy condition. This month will be passing like this only.

Students: The first two weeks will not give any good result. Your activities are very slow and expose your carelessness. You have to keep your status with brilliancy. To spend this month in an easy way will not be possible. You have to work hard.

Business people and professionals: May be wondering to look a slum condition in their attempts. For few people, the things will be in a controversial trend. One or two occasion will keep covering the loss and expenditure. A month with attempts of failure. Better, postpone the important matters. Lovers: Are the most sufferers in this month. What you plan and prepare does not come to a good shape. The planets are hidden helplessly. Your routine of job and small benefits are certainly there.

Married persons and spouses: Are very silent. The hopes and expectations are without any action. You have to worship Navagraha Lords for peace of mind. After two weeks some good events will please you and you can feel better with relief. Since Lord Mars is very closely to Lords Venus and Mercury, the clumsy and confusions are prevailing. Since the planets are bracketed in ‘kala sarbha dosha’. This month will not be good. The disappointing dates are 20th and 21st.


Every thing is with in frames. Nothing exceeds to fulfill your expectation. Some kind of control is prevailing over you. The profession and the income, even though it is usual, there is insufficiency. Some block and resists the improvement. As usual the full moon day and new moon day will be favorable. The planets are involved in kala sarbha dosha. That is why this gloomy atmosphere prevails. Take good time to finalize the things. Don’t do it with urgency.

Women and children at home: Will be in need of more facilities. Easy money is not reaching them. They feel it difficult to manage. Your health will be improving. Your physique will be suitable to do hard work. Children will be as usual with their play and games.

Students: Are facing some inconvenience. A Lord Mars looks the spot of education. Even if the Lord Jupiter occupies second sign, the readings and regular exercises are being spoiled. You have to take more care in your studies.

Business people and professionals: Can mange their jobs. They are facing some faults in execution. Take good time and think twice before decide. A Lord mars keeps a check in your finance and purse. Take essential plans to solve your problem easily.

The trend of lovers: Is abnormally delayed and no decision is yet reached. The benefic lords are not aspecting the 7th sign, but the association of Lord Venus with Lords Mercury and Mars will not do amicable solutions. You have to wait further.

Married persons and spouses: Are much worried about the funds running short. They have lot of other domestic problems. To complete the same, they should possess the patience and good mood. The thought of privacy will be in a remote corner. Only the burdens are threatening you. This month there is no entertainment. You have to wait till the next month. The dates, which are not favorable to, you are 22nd, 23rd and 24th.